So, we think we know who is going to buy and why they are going to buy within your project, but how exactly are we going to reach these people?

The various target audiences for your resort or project (buyers, renters, day visitors, tenants) should all have been determined at a high level during initial Economic Analysis, and a reasonably detailed picture of potential buyers created, particularly in terms of potential market size, their needs and preferences, and their propensity to purchase real estate that matches your offering, all based upon detailed market research.

Now it is time to refine our understanding of the target audience and define an executable strategy to start a meaningful conversation with them. Where do they live? What do they read? Who do they trust? What amazes them? What media are the most comfortable with? How did they like to shop? What messages resonate most with them? What turns them off instantly? Only with this type of detailed understanding can a meaningful Brand Positioning and Marketing and Sales Strategy be created.


If you think most real estate marketing looks alike, you’re right. If this sameness is apparent to industry professionals like us, imagine how buyers perceive these marketing materials. The first order of business for PowerPlay is to create a unique and meaningful brand position for your community — a memorable, ownable position that will make you, well, YOU.


Making short-term decisions without a long-term plan typically leads to inefficiencies and waste. We will collaborate with you in order to establish clear strategies, detailed execution plans, and budgets to achieve your sales objectives. This is a highly collaborative process.

We will develop and agree on an overall sales and marketing strategy with you first. Once the overall strategy is approved, we will create a timeline and budget for the project. We will work with you to integrate our timeline with the overall program plan so we are very clear with one another about all interdependencies and expectations. Wherever appropriate, we will also create detailed execution plans for each major initiative including clear goals before committing your hard-earned dollars.



In our view, a truly creative agency is one that consistently executes well-defined strategy in original and engaging ways. When unconventional thinking and creative inspiration are applied effectively to your marketing, the results can help bring your community to life. However we don’t consider marketing to really be creative unless it produces real results.

Before we ever put pen to paper we ensure that we have complete agreement on the strategy. As we like to say, “Strategy first. Creative second to none.” We have decades of experience in a wide range of industries and brand categories. More than anything, we love telling a good story. And we can do it quickly enough to accommodate the real-world demands of real estate sales.


There is no one-size-fits-all solution for every project. Tactics and strategies must be flexible. They have to adjust. A direct mail piece that worked last month may fall flat this month. And a website that tops all the search engines may not pull the quantity or quality of leads you need.

We are able to execute on a diverse range of lead generation activities, including database marketing and Prospect recovery programs, online and interactive marketing, events marketing and traditional media campaigns. However, we have no ego about working alongside your in-house teams or in partnering with those who can bring highly specialized or local knowledge.


During the ‘good old days’, the creation of the optimum sales center environment became elevated almost to an art form. The budgets expanded accordingly. Too often, however, there was a disconnect between the vision and the reality of how sales staff actually use the sales center. Not to mention a disconnect with economic reality! Most of the underlying principles of good sale centre design remain valid today. The execution however can be, and needs to be much more pragmatic. Our focus in sales center design is to produce a budget-conscious and brand consistent retail space which functions as an effective selling tool.

We can assist with storyline and pathing, presentation graphics, 3D models and displays, community sitemaps, interactive displays and sales tools, interior design, and the technical specifications to construct your sales environment.



So why isn’t your project selling the way you expected it would? Is it the marketing, the product itself, or the pricing? Does the sales team have the right tools to do the job, or is that just an excuse?

We have the experience to cut through to the core of what is holding back sales in your project. We can conduct a short 1-2 day on-site visit plus an in-depth review of all relevant project materials and systems and provide you with a detailed diagnostic report covering sales strategy review, in-market presence, marketing effectiveness review, mystery shopping, sales performance/ skills audit, and actionable recommendations for sales recalibration to get your project back on track.

Importantly we regularly and formally subject ourselves to the same scrutiny by conducting Internal Audits, typically on an annual or semi-annual basis


We are planners. However, a plan is only an initial basis for change. One of the key lessons from our retailing experience is that it does not matter how much a plan or a strategy ‘deserves’ to succeed. It still may fail to capture buyer’s imaginations or fail to translate into action. The key to success, therefore, is to have lots of great ideas, to be adept at measuring early indicators of success, and to be ruthless in culling programs that do not work and replacing them with those that do.

Every client, every market, every project is different. So our commitment to you is to bring everything we have learned, through our mistakes and our successes, to bear on your project. To deliver a tailor-made strategy coupled with creative and execution second to none.