Our approach to sales is straightforward but not easy. We pride ourselves upon taking a professional, dedicated approach to building sales success over the entire life of a project.



We have a network of over 200 highly experienced sales professionals we can connect you to through our RealHires program. We can also assist in sales team design (size, profiles, incentives etc), sales leader recruitment, and sales team recruitment support.

Even with the right people on board, teams need constant attention, training and challenges to stop complacency from setting in. We have experienced sales trainers and coaches on our roster, who able to work with your sales team either on site or remotely—usually a combination of both.


So why isn’t your project selling the way you expected it would? Is it the marketing, the product itself, or the pricing? Does the sales team have the right tools to do the job, or is that just an excuse?

We have the experience to cut through to the core of what is holding back sales in your project. We can conduct a short 1-2 day on-site visit plus an in-depth review of all relevant project materials and systems and provide you with a detailed diagnostic report covering sales strategy review, in-market presence, marketing effectiveness review, mystery shopping, sales performance / skills audit, and actionable recommendations for sales recalibration to get your project back on track.


Leading and developing sales talent is at times more art than science. We have the experience and credibility necessary to guide, direct, and develop sales talent.

In some cases, you may need a new Sales Director. In others, you may not be able to afford one full-time. Sometimes your sales leader just needs an “intervention”, or continuing coaching. We can help.


Effective back of house operations need not be lavish or expensive. They do need to be effective. The environment needs to create every incentive for your sales team to stay on the phone, to use your CRM system, to collaborate and learn from one another. This is about simple things like effective office layout, the type of furniture provided, acoustics management etc. And of course there are issues of compliance to be managed as well.

Additionally, we can assist with sales management process definition, compliance auditing, physical space planning, equipment and technical specifications plus CRM and sales systems sourcing, configuration and training.


The surest way to fail in marketing and selling a project is to have unreliable data in your sales funnel. This robs you of the ability to reorient your plans and budgets towards the activities that are most effective. It prevents you from knowing when you are ready to move forward with each stage of the sales process. It denies you the opportunity to assess which sales team members are most effective. It leaves you not controlling vital information about customers you have spent your money to attract. It may leave you in breach of privacy laws.


Of course, our closing services include the basics like homeowner communication programs, orientations and deficiencies management. However, perhaps our most important and most challenging priority within the closings process is to focus on developing relationships with purchase finance providers, assisting buyers in securing the financing needed to close. We are experts in creating an outstanding customer experience, mitigating and predicting closings risk, and completing the ‘second sale’ upon closing.