Real Estate Sales & Marketing for Residential and Resort Properties

We provide end to end real estate development planning, market research, and sales and marketing services. Our scope of services far exceeds that of most small and mid-sized general brokerages, advertising agencies and marketing companies. The recommendations we make are not just pie in the sky; they form a detailed execution plan, from initial market research all the way through to closings.

Experience not Experiments

We don’t just provide ideas, we execute them. Collectively, we have had the privilege of working with some of the world’s leading developers and their respective communities. We combine years of practical real estate marketing and sales experience with creativity and technology.

Turning Stalled Projects into Successful Projects

We represent the informed, research-driven voice of your buyers at the development table. Once we have worked with you to refine the offering and create an achievable sales execution plan, we stay with you throughout the entire process to ensure no loss of integrity of vision or dilution of strategy, and we manage developer fatigue during the dark days.

Not your local Realtor®

PowerPlay currently operates globally, with offices in the United States and Canada and established brokerages in key markets around the world. However we represent only one project in each market. Unlike a local realtor who spreads their focus across many properties and projects, our dedicated sales teams are focused on only one thing: selling your project.

Results Worth Talking About

We could talk all day long about our work and the results it generates for our clients, but we would much prefer to let others to do the talking for us.

We encourage you to connect with current and past clients to hear first hand about their experience working with PowerPlay.