Our unique blend of capabilities enables PowerPlay to provide a scope of real estate sales and marketing services that far exceeds the range of most small and mid-sized general brokerages, advertising agencies and marketing companies.

We offer end-to-end services to real estate developers; ranging from initial feasibility through to closings and conveyance, and just about everything in between. There’s no silver bullet or magic formula. Just our insight, experience, strategic thinking, and focus on effective daily execution.

Our Services


Dedicated Teams. Results-Driven

Our goal is to build and manage hardworking, focused, and relationship-oriented sales teams. Our approach to sales is straightforward but not easy.

We pride ourselves upon taking a professional, dedicated approach to building sales success over the entire life of a project.

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Filling the Funnel

Our Marketing is about quality lead generation and everything we do is a means to that end.

Our expertise includes traditional outbound marketing, building grassroots public relations campaigns, relationship-marketing efforts, social media marketing, and inbound marketing: ensuring that your project will be found first, second and third on Google.

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Development Services

Representing the Voice of the Buyer

Although we are not developers, we represent the informed, research-driven voice of your buyers at the development table. We offer the necessary experience to translate buyer preferences and consumer research into actionable advice.

The results are successful communities and product offerings that are best aligned to the needs of your future buyers.

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Getting back on track.

Whether your lead generation efforts seem to be struggling or your sales results are not what you expected, we are happy to provide a second opinion.

Through our experience as leaders in all aspects of project sales and marketing in real estate, we provide actionable plans to improve sales results.

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