The output of envisioning is a Resort Vision. This is not a piece of “marketing fluff”. It is not a marketing document at all. It is an internal document that captures the essence of the project in such detail that it acts as a comprehensive briefing to everyone who works on the project, whether they are master-planning, designing buildings, casting commercial tenants, lodging and amenity operators, developing brand imagery, designing financial structures, or finding buyers. It is a touchstone that will help ensure that 1,000 decisions made by 100 different people over the life of the project create 1 coherent, viable, authentic resort experience.

The Resort Vision is not complete at the end of a one or two-day envisioning session. That is only the start. It is not done until the Resort Vision, the full suite of master plans and the Economic Analysis all “fit” perfectly. No single element is more important than the others. All must work together.


We are not developers or master-planners. If you need hard-core development services support, we have worked with some of the best and will be happy to make an introduction to people who do great work and who speak our language, so you can be confident you are getting an integrated solution.

Our role in the process is to work with your Master Planners to ensure that your master plans are based on a solid foundation of customer insight and realistic sales expectations. We will work with you to refine Land Use plans, Yield/mix plans, Commercial plans, Lodging Operator plans, HOA plans and Amenities/animation plans.


We suspect that we have collectively reviewed more good, bad and ugly floor plates, floor plans, financial and amenities packages and other soft offerings than most people would ever care to. But this is where our input ends, not where it starts.

Typically the process will begin with a Voice of the Customer design input session with your team. This is where we can translate the lessons learned from consumer, market and competitor research into actionable design suggestions for your project to best suit a given target market and usage model.

We will then either craft or help to refine your Offering Design Briefs. We have found that by investing 100% extra time and effort at this stage to create a truly comprehensive Offering Design Brief, covering every aspect of the hard and soft offering in detail, the time and effort is repaid many times over in reducing the number of iterations to arrive at a remarkable design. From there we will provide input at key review points throughout the project, particularly at Conceptual, 50% Schematic and 50% Detailed Design stages.